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I always practise what I teach. As a matter of fact, before I am satisfied with the result, I do not teach such practices. Xuan Kong Da Gua is one of my favourite topics. Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection is what I always use before doing something very important.
I early 2008, one day after lunch in a restaurant, I passed by a bank and was invited to go in to take a look at their products. I was interested in their self-serviced online stock and share investment. After watching how simple it was to place orders, I decided to open an account and start trading. Well, I went home and use Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection to find a day and time that the gua qi communicate well with my own hexagram structure and went to open an account on that day and precisely that hour.
In 2008, the stock market was a typical bear market. However, I started with 100,000 dollars and by year end, my account was worth 132,000 dollars. During 2008, Dow Jones fell from 13,000 level to 9,000 level.
In August 2009, I added another 100,000 dollars to my account and by year end, the portfolio was worth 280,000 dollars. The return for the two years was not bad especially 2008 when most people lost money.
I also use Date Selection when I sell a house or lease a house. During the recent 5 years, I have sold my office, two houses and leased a house twice. I selected the date and hour to sign a contract with a realtor each time. The houses were all sold within 1 week with good price. The house for lease was also smoothly rented to people who took good care of the home and it took less than a week to have it rented.
I am sure there are a lot more successful case studies from my students who really practise this art.

............Joseph Yu

"Working with Gayle is a very enlightening and inspirational learning process. I refer to this process as a learning process because Gayle demonstrates a very facilitative approach to presenting her findings. I believe that she truly wants her clients to live well in harmony. I really appreciate being able to follow up with Gayle after an audit as I go through various changes in life. Thanks Gayle!"

… Natasha 

"We have really enjoyed working with you. Your ability to put yourself in our place and see things from our situation made house hunting with you enjoyable. If any of our family or friends needs a realtor, you will be referred to them. I wish you a good luck and good life."

… Hassan 

"Thank you! Very informative experience and helpful to learn about using feng shui."

… Danielle 

"I cannot thank you enough for all you and your team did to make this move a success. My mind was not on this task, but everything was well planned and went smoothly. You were sensitive, creative, and professional."

… Ian & Sylvia M.  

"The bidding war was really unexpected, and we ended up with the best price our street had ever seen. I truly believe that it was your expertise that made this a big win for everyone."

… Rose & Khan S. 

"When the buyer wanted me out in two weeks, I didn't care how much money he was offering. Where would I live? Not only did you ensure the closing went smoothly, you found me a beautiful new home in record time. I can't believe 1 month ago I was thinking about selling, and now I am sold and living in my dream castle!"

… Paul F. 

"Is this my house? I can't believe this is all my stuff! You have turned my home into a model home."

… Jun A. 

"Thanks again for all your help and for helping me get my life back together. I had no idea that last house was giving me so many problems. I am so much happier now."

… Kim S.