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Everyone has two Qi types. One represents your inner spirit and is based on your time, place and gender of birth, and is used in Chinese Astrology. The second, the personality that everyone sees, is called your Ming Gua and is determined by your gender and year of birth. In Feng Shui we pay more attention to your Ming Gua - your personal trigram - as this is what affects your personality and your health.

To find your personal Qi type:

First, convert your Gregorian (Western) Calendar birth date into Solar Calendar birth date. The difference between the two is that the Western year begins on January 1st, and the Solar Calendar year begins on February 3rd or 4th, depending on the exact moment the sun passes the solar date line.


  1. If your birthday was between January 1st and February 3rd, you must select the previous year as your year of birth.

    EXAMPLE: if you were born February 1st, 1960, then your birth year would be 1959.

  2. If you were born on February 3rd or 4th, you will need to refer to Chart 1 first. Using Chart 1, check the exact time you were born. [NOTE: This Chart has been compiled based on Toronto, Ontario Time Zone. Therefore, if you were born anywhere else, you need to first convert your birth time into Toronto Time]

    EXAMPLE: if you were born February 4th 1975 at 10:15 pm in Toronto, then your year of birth would be 1975; if however, you were born at 5:00 pm your birth year would be 1974 as the new year started in 1975 at 6:59 pm.

  3. If your birthday is after February 5th, you can go directly to Chart 2 to determine your Qi number using your gender and your regular birth year.

    EXAMPLE: if you are born between February 6th and the end of the year 1960, then your birth year is 1960.

Please feel free to drop me an email with your birth information if you would like me to check your Gua number for you.

Click here if you need to know what time the solar year changed in any particular year.

1Water, 2Earth, 3Wood, 4Wood, 6Metal, 7Metal, 8Earth, 9Fire. Chart2