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Homes that I Staged and Sold:

The condo below that was listed on MLS© but was not getting any viewings. My co-worker asked me to collaborate on the listing with him and I agreed to do the staging. The place sold 3 days after the staging was completed.

Bedroom Before     Bedroom After

The house below was very out dated and needed a lot of work to pull out of the 80's and come into the millennium. There was an option of letting it go cheap or doing a little work so it would have a chance of selling at a higher price. We went with updating, and the place sold quickly with a big WOW factor.

Kitchen Before     Kitchen After

The office below needed flow, which we were able to create by moving the credenza into an L shape. Since the space was small this gave it a more spacious feeling and the much needed flow.

Office Before     Office After

The colours and shapes where all wrong for the space below so we lighten the colour and brought in the right forms. The Qi was instantly lightened and the buyers thought so too!

Dining Room Before      Dining Room After

When selling square footage, Real Estate defined space is always best. The spare bedroom below was given a function, and bedrooms sell better than junk rooms!

Spare Room Before      Spare Room After

Clutter can not only dampen spirits but can also dampen sales. As can be seen below, sometimes just simple de-cluttering is all that is needed.

Living Room Before     Living Room After