Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

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All contracts come with a "Quick Exit Guarantee" if you are not 100% satisfied.

As a licensed Realtor in the Province of Ontario I pride myself on giving you honesty and integrity. I stay abreast of Real Estate issues in our City and I keep current on all the latest developments in the industry.  Today this is more important than ever with multiple buyers showing up for every reasonably price listing.

After I map and calculate the internal energies of the space I procede with:

  1. Decorating a space to be in harmony with its environment is one of the specialties of Feng Shui. It takes staging to the next level; it shows the house at its best and makes it feel fresh and alive.  If you have a favourite decorator, I also work with other professionals of your choosing.

    By two basics approaches include advising on:

    • STAGING: De-cluttering, cleaning and style co-coordinating.
    • FENG SHUI: Placement, colour arranging, and flow generating.

    I will show you how to transform your place from ordinary to extraordinary. It will absolutely amaze you… and your potential buyers.

  2. Date Selection use caluculated formulas to help you be in the right place at the right time for all important events in your life
  3. Inspection reports for home and business owners on how to make the most from their current locations. For Home Buyer's before finalizing conditions. This is very useful for Buyers who want to know the energy in the home before they own it. For Sellers inaddition to free staging advice, they will also receive a full feature sheet report highlighting the best features of the home based on Classical Feng Shui Principles. All real estate clients receive complemetary advice on all Feng Shui services. 


5 Sure Fire Ways to ENSURE a : Fast Stress Free Sale

  1. Price the Property Right. Not doing so is the number #1 reason houses do not sell!
  2. Have the Motivation. Show off the property.
  3. Use Feng Shui. Ensure the home is balanced and in harmony.
  4. Stage. Ensure that it is clean, and depersonalized.
  5. Do it at the right time. Use Date Selection to pick the best available time to sell.
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Standard Ontario Real Estate Listing Agreement
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