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The Ba Gua

Level 1

Life Aspirations School and Black Sect Feng Shui School (also known as Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui) are both loosely based on the Ba Gua and largely based on symbolism. They were developed in Southwestern United States in the 1970's and 1980's, respectively. LIMITATION: Doesn't consider time nor magnetic directions (space).

Level 2

The Eight House School uses a compass for direction and is based on East and West Group system and specializes in directions. LIMITATION: Doesn't consider time.

Level 3

The San He School is based on sets of Triangular Combinations. This is the oldest School of Feng Shui, and was used for burials. LIMITATION: Doesn't use time.

Level 4

Lou Pan Compass

The Xuan Kong Schools (The Time and Space Schools) consists of two parts: Xuan Kong Da Gua (Great Trigrams), which is mostly concerned with the environment, and Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars), which is mostly concerned with time.

This advance level is sometimes referred to as Classical Feng Shui. Classical Feng Shui came into common practice around 900 C.E. However, prior to that, this art was closely guarded by the imperial courts, and even when it did become popular, it was still a closely guarded secret.

Confucius Tang Dynasty

In the old days, it was tradition that most Masters would not tell the secret of Feng Shui until they were dying. Even then it was only to a deserving few. So a lot of students left the teachings of their Masters before they fully understood the practice. At one point, there were over 120 different schools of Feng Shui.

However, today the Secret of Feng Shui is common knowledge among Classical practitioners. The secret is time!