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A common phrase used by real estate agents is "location, location, location". They say that these are the three most important factors in determining the desirability of a property. It generally means that a property is in an environment that appeals to many people, and therefore, a lucrative property for you.

This phrase "location, location, location" is also quite important to Feng Shui Practitioners. Ancient texts give us guidelines to help us find these fortunate locations and how to avoid the harmful ones. One famous Feng Shui Master, Master Jiang Da Hong, discovered the meaning of this term during the Qing Dynasty when he compiled a legacy of over 1000 drawings of locations and their meanings.


In Feng Shui, roadways and waterways are considered to be similar forms. Two of the locations that Master Jiang studied are called 'Jade Belt' and 'Bow and Arrow'.

Jade Belt

Jade Belt locations are spaces embraced by a roadway or waterway. If the time energy is timely, then prosperity and good fortune will follow. The city of Hong Kong is such a location. Notice how the ocean hugs the city's shoreline.

Jade Belt
Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow locations have forms with a blade pointing at them. This location will bring loss of wealth and separation. Look how the river flows by the city of Detroit.

Jade Belt


Shapes of buildings also have a profound effect on our lives and are important considerations for seeking fortunate Feng Shui locations. Take for example the case study below. Even before I was a Feng Shui Practitioner I noticed that this particular building was very unlucky and always up for lease or for sale. It didn't matter what type of business was residing there, it always seem destined to fail and close.

The building was attractive enough. However, after studying Feng Shui, I discovered it had 3 serious flaws: first, it is a triangular fire shaped building with sharp angles, which is full of Sha (bad) Qi; second, it has trees blocking the front entrance of the building, which causes unbalanced Qi; and third, it is being attacked by a "poison arrow" directly across the street from it. Any one of these situations alone should be avoided. With all three of these Sha (bad) forms, it is easy to see why this location is so unsuccessful.

Triangular Shaped Building, with trees in front of entrance Poison Arrow across the street, sharp edged and pointed roof line.

Tree Trunk and Arrow View out of Front Door.  Arrow shows the Sha Qi coming directly into pole front entrance.  This makes bad Qi even worse.

Triangular Shaped Building Pointed Roof Line Bad QI
Google image shows sharp pointed corner of building aimed directly at main treed entrance to the triangular shaped building.
Triaggular Shaped Building

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