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1Water are drifters. They are soft outside but stern on the inside; they are sociable and wise. 1Water is associated with winter and the north. They are deep thinkers, and they generally will not tell others what is on their mind or even say what is on their minds. Like real water, this water Qi type likes to be free flowing and flexible, and can change directions and lifestyles in a moment. They do not like to be confined and, if so, will find a way out.

Generally a loner, they like to work by themselves within an organized structure. Details however become quite tedious for 1water. Water people like to travel and are good networkers and communicators. They may move or travel a lot in their lifetime. Yoga is great exercise for 1water as it allows the body to flow.

Occupations: 1's are social workers, work in the fishing industry, chemists, therapists, philosophers, oilmans, bartenders, journalists, travel agents, logistics supervisions.
Best suited with: Ming Guas 6, 7, 9, 3 and 4.


2Earth people are motherly and stable, receptive, indecisive and nurturing. 2Earth is associated with Mother Nature in the southwest. 2s can be self-sacrificing, caring and nurturing, often putting the needs of others first, and they are very good at creating bonds. Their powers of observation are strong. They are good at setting up routines and keeping things moving. Their team spirit can be contagious and they are skilled at teaching others what needs to be done.

2Earths are traditionalist even though they like to bake cookies; they are quite health conscientious, and strive to eat healthily. They are great with money and can be considered frugal. They are not speculators and make great account book keepers. 2Earths are considered the most loyal of all the Guas.

Occupations: 2's are managers… Managers, matriarchs, union members, obstetricians, doctors, antique dealers, nurses, gardeners, grocers, engineers, farmers, and bankers.
Best suited with: Guas 9, 6, 7 and 8.


3Woods are optimistic and generous; and they are ambitious go getters, always on the move. They are generally self starting loners as they work best by themselves. 3Woods are idea people; they love to brainstorm and multi task short projects.

3's may appear aimless to some. They start several projects, always more interested in starting then finishing; but then, if you look again, you noticed that all of a sudden several projects will get completed at once. The 3Woods need "To Do Lists" as it helps them stay focused and prioritized.

They are the most agile of the Guas. They have a perfect alignment between their musculature and nervous systems that give them precision, speed and grace. They do very well in sports. 3s are very patient and good with children.

Occupations: 3's are inventors, engineers, musicians, teachers, professional athletics, military and lawyers.
Best suited with: Ming Guas 1, 4, 7 and 9


4Woods are capable, enduring, realistic, amicable, and peaceful. They are independent and determined and often ground breakers; discovering and coming up with new ideas. 4Wood are good problem solvers. They are cautiously optimistic and take great care on how they represent themselves. They are both scholars and romantics at heart. 4s are strong believers in "true love".

Although attractive to many people, the 4Wood strives to be selective about whom they will become involved with, and strive to find a deep and meaningful relationship. 4s are very creative; they have the ability to see things as if for the first time. 4Woods have a keen sense of what will and will not work.

4Woods like to make eye contact in order to feel that they are communicating with others. However, their gaze can be quite mesmerizing, as their eyes are deep and intense.

Occupations: 4's are good in government, law, jewellery manufacturing, salesmanship, teaching, or counsellors.
Best suited with: Guas 1, 4, 3, 6 and 9


6Metal is strong, vibrant, determine, subjective, and brave. 6Metal are righteous CEO types, and they are always coiled like a spring and ready for action. They find it hard to relax. Mental tension and worry can play a major role in their health. They are hard workers, achievement oriented, and natural leaders; but they need to learn how to relax.

6Metals have strong constitutions. They seldom become physically sick. However, because of the 6s tendency towards pushing themselves pass their limits, this can cause rapid onset of illness which is difficult to cure. They should be wary of over-exertion and try to cultivate moderation in activities.

Occupations: 6's are good in government, law, jewellery manufacturing, salesmanship, teaching, or counsellor.
Best suited with Ming Guas 2, 4, 6, 8, and 1


7Metal is joyful, sophisticated, a connoisseur, and talkative. 7Metal people experience a tremendous amount change, especially in the early part of their lives. They are not initiators, but harvesters of what the world offers them. Thus they may appear lazy to other people, but the 7 is just waiting for things to happen for them, which normally does.

They are great speakers and have a way with words. They are also great diplomats and are superior at keeping the peace. They are upbeat people and their optimism can be contagious. They are romantic and nostalgic. They work hard and play hard. They are loved by children. Families are important to them, and they never take their work home.

Occupations: 7's are dentist, surgeons, motivational speakers, or construction workers.
Best suited with: 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8


8Earth is youthful, nurturing, practical, and sensitive. 8's are doers rather than thinkers. They like to work with their hands. However, they can both lead and follow and this makes them one of the more popular of the guas. They excel at bringing things together and keeping them moving towards in a desired direction. However, they tend to work at a slow and methodical pace.

8Earth is hard to read emotionally. In moments of elation or depression, their appearance can seem rather unchanged. They are usually successful with regard to their personal finances. They are good personal money managers; they know how to get the most out of limited resources. They can accumulate money better than any of the other Ming Guas.

Men will see themselves as providers and protectors, and women of this number enjoy the security of home life.

Occupations: 8's are sculptors, service workers, police or civil services, bank tellers or teachers.
Best suited with: 9, 6, 7, 1 & 2


9Fire is energetic, affectionate, passionate, and charismatic. When a 9Fire walks into a crowded room they are noticed immediately, there is this attraction about them. Like a star seen in the distance, or moth to flame, people gather round the 9. They are rarely without a partner.

The 9Fires are romantic by nature and express emotion quite easily. Their natural tendency is to feel joyful and light-hearted about life. They make great performers. 9Fires are the most enlightened and spiritual of the Ming Guas, and can be a light for themselves and those around them.

Ming Gua 9s are very trusting and loyal people, and would never hold a grudge.

Occupations: 9's do well in public relations, or public servant, artist or artisan, diplomat, judge,
Best suited to: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8.