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All Services FREE For my Real Estate Clients under Contract

Feng Shui

  1. Inspection Services - $500.00*( up to 3000 sq ft)

    I will:

    • Note the flow of the building's pathways and layout.
    • Note the surrounding environment and any possible interference due to sha forms.
    • Determine the age of the building.
    • Take a Luo Pan reading. (A Feng Shui tool that will help me determine where and what type of Qi is in the space).
    • Draw a flying stars chart that maps the Qi and identifies the Qi pattern.
    • Determine suitability to your Gua compatibility and note problem areas.
    • Locate Key Member's Guas for health and well being.

  2. SITE SELECTION SERVICES - 33 cents per Kilometer + $100.00 per hr. Mountain

    I will:

    • Research and pre-inspect vacant land for suitable facing directions and chart selections - based on time and space formulas working within local bylaws.
    • Observe land forms for proper support on the sides and rear of the building.
    • Observe area roadways and ensure that they support the building's planned Qi flows.
    • Check local bylaws to ensure the project meets municipal guidelines and compliances.

  3. Date Selection Service - $1,000 per date.

    I WILL BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. There is a right and wrong time for everything. The date when you sign your Listing or Buyer Agency agreement is crucial to the success of your sale. I have proven success in listing and selling property with this method. Timing is everything! Make it work for you instead of against you. Date selection is good for planning any major event in your life.

  4. Consultant Services - $100.00 per hr.


    1. For the Builder or Architect:

      I will:

      • Help determine the best direction for the house to face.
      • Work with the builder's blue prints to determine the best locations for windows and doors to ensure the timeliest Qi is circulating. (Sometimes moving a door or window 5 or 10 centimeters will make a huge difference).
      • Ensure that each person, or department (in the case of commercial interest), is placed in the right location to achieve optimum performance.Circle and Floor Plan

    2. Real Estate Agent - Under Contract*
      • I offer full real estate services, full time Realtor©.
      • I am Salesperson with Century 21 Innovative Realty, Brokerage.
      • I am Licensed with the Province of Ontario.
      • I am a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and Multiple Listing Services© (MLS©).

    You may have someone that you are more comfortable with but, chances are he/she is not trained in Classical Feng Shui. That is okay because I partner with Agents all over Ontario. Have your Agent call me to work out the details.

    *As a Buyer this would generally be a Free service (some conditions apply) and for the Seller it would be absorbed in the cost of the Real Estate Brokerage commission. Feel free to contact me for more details.

  5. SPEAKER – Call for pricing and availability.

    Sales meetings - Special Events - Office or House Parties

        **Available for fund raising and charitable events for FREE**

    Topics include:

    • Feng Shui 101: How to Understand & Use it.
    • Understand your clients and friends, with just one question.
    • Design your Bedroom and Office using Feng Shui Principals.

  6. EDUCATOR - $2,600 [Payment Plans Available] (Repeat a seminar for 50% off).
    • 8 Full day (9am – 6pm) FSRC Academic Certificate Seminars [usually split into two 4 day classes].
    • Upon completion graduates are invited into a private members group with access to over 12 years of research material compiled by Joseph Yu and his students worldwide.
    • See more details, see Feng Shui Courses.

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