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The term is representative of a method of living comfortably within your environment. It is a method of improving your health and well being with the use of Qi - the basic breath of life.


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The more proficient you become in this art, the wealthier you will become. The meaning of wealth however, goes way beyond hard cash. It is the wealth of good health and the wealth of wisdom to live your life with meaning and purpose. Practicing Feng Shui is a way to live out your destiny to its fullest potential.

  • Feng Shui (fung schwaay) literally translates as "Wind Water".
  • Wind and Water are two Feng Shui elements synonymous with good health and wealth.
  • It is the relationship between an individual, their environment, and time.
  • It is a method of determining the best place to live, work, or be buried.
  • It is an ancient Chinese method of using Qi to shape one’s fate.

Feng Shui is important to Real Estate because Feng Shui is Real Estate. It is about how your home, and especially where you sleep, and how that environmental energy affects you. It is about how the roadways and other buildings around your location can determine how much money you make, or even if you will make any money at all. See case study, Location, Location, Location.  Be sure to read about Real Life Feng Shui on my Blog page!



The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui, Third Edition,


Authors: Elizabeth Moran, Master Joseph Yu, and Master Val Biktashev.
Available at most major book stores, and online at: or