Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

By getting the Feng Shui Advantage you will minimize lifestyle problems like:

  1. Locked money houses (financial problems).
  2. Unhealthy spaces (people getting sick).
  3. High tension homes (excessive arguing and problems with children).
  4. Marital discord homes (strife in marriages and other relationships).

As a bonus, you get FREE Feng Shui Education on:

How To Invest In Real Estate Using Feng Shui Principles.

Explain Buyer Agreement
Agreement of Purchase & Sale of Condo
Agreement of Purchase & Sale of Freehold

How Working With Feng Shui Real Estate Works:

  • We will meet so you can share your budget, wants and needs. I will advise you about working with a Realtor©, and you will authorize the relationship with the Buyer Representation Agreement.
  • I will show you homes that meet your requirements - as stated in Paragraph 3 of the Buyer Representation Agreement. Some conditions apply.
  • When we find a property you like I will prepare a preliminary report that will evaluate the Feng Shui of the property. If you wish to proceed we will submit an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. If accepted, we will proceed with a Full Feng Shui Inspection. The Full Feng Shui Inspection is completed during the conditional period for the Home Inspection. You then decide if we will proceed or not.
  • Once the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is accepted, you will have 24 hours to produce your deposit cheque to the Listing Agency Brokerage.

How to Get Started

  • Step 1: How much can you afford? This is confirmed by your bank or Mortgage lender through a letter.
  • Step 2: Where do you want to live? Just enter address or community where you want to live on the address line at
  • Step 3: We will pick the best date to authorize the Buyer Representation Agreement, based on your needs.

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Being able to identify the kind of Qi you are going to be living
with, and to be able to decide if it meets your needs,
BEFORE YOU OWN IT, is The Feng Shui Advantage.