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Building Shapes

In downtown Toronto, we have a very famous building called the CN Tower. Feng Shui principles would say that this building would be famous because it has wood Qi feeding fire Qi. Fire Qi represents fame, among other things.


In contrast, we have another building in Toronto called The Cinesphere at Ontario Place built on the lake. It is a round building representing the metal Qi, and it is covered in spikes representing fire Qi, the lake is of course water Qi. In Feng Shui we say that water represents wisdom among other things.

So here instead of the fire/fame being generated, it is being controlled by the water/wisdom, and weakened from the attacking metal shaped structure. This results in the building being dominated by the water/wisdom. This situation has restricted this building to showing educational films only and, although a very beautiful building, it will never be famous.

Royal Ontario Musemum

In downtown Toronto there is the newly designed Royal Ontario Museum. Its points are like daggers for the building across the street. I personally inspected this space and it was noted that one crystal point was directed at a certain area on the building across the street.


After checking with the building management who assured me that the unit was rented, I tried on numerous occasions to find someone there, as well as leaving letters of request. None were ever answered. The only conclusion is that whatever business was renting that unit did not spend too much time doing business there.

Street Location

In this situation, the real damage would be to the people occupying that space. With a poison arrow damaging the "mountain" Qi (the Qi that is responsible for people and how they think and act), any one sitting in this office area would not be making the best decisions for their company, so it is advisable that they do their business elsewhere.


Mountain Road

Another important environmental concern is the roads, particularly their shape. For example, the shapes are important in determining the speed in which Qi will be heading towards a building. Meandering pathways are always preferred as it keeps the Qi from going too straight and fast.

Country Road

Roads shaped similar to the letters I, T, Y and V are the worst, as they are causing the Qi to travel too fast. This is similar to Qi coming at you like a shooting arrow, and therefore should be avoided.


The location and shape of surrounding buildings affects the Qi of its environment. The principle of 5 Elements states that wood Qi attacks earth Qi. In most populated areas, you will find a section of the city that has clusters of high rises, considered as wood Qi forms. The low rise buildings are considered to be Earth Qi.

So living in a low rise, among high rises, could result in a building's Qi being damaged (other factors are also considered). Even if the building has good Feng Shui, it will not be as good compared to a building that is in an area that consists of only low rises.