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  • What you can do with a Feng Shui Practitioner Certificate besides residential and commercial consultations.

    Look Who Can Use Good Feng Shui Advice:

    • Architects – Design places which promote wellness and prosperity.
    • City Planners – Plan cities to promote great government, business and families.
    • Contractors – Renovate spaces to promote wellness and prosperity.
    • Financial Planners – Help clients have strong wealth portfolios.
    • Wellness Centers – Ensure their clients are getting the best care.
    • Interior decorator/designers – Design to promote wellness and prosperity.
    • Landscapers – Ensure water features are appropriately placed to promote well being.
    • Marriage and Family Councilors – Be aware of conflicting Qi in the home.
    • Real Estate Agents – Help their clients get the Feng Shui Advantage: better health and opportunities.
    • Event Planners – Use timing to ensure events are scheduled at the right time and in the right place.

    OR if you are already employed in one of these professions, you can offer Feng Shui as a Value Added Service.

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