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Creativity is not my strong suit, I enjoy trying though. That is why I like to quilt because not only is it meditative but it allows me to pretend I am creative. However, I secretly know that it is really the beautiful fabrics that give the illusion of creativity.

Some years back I bought several meters of fabric for a project. After buying the fabric I decided that I didn't like it, but quilting fabric is expensive.
Some quilting buddies told me about a technique called a One Block Wonder. The complete quilt is made with only one fabric but cut in such a way that you end up with giving the fabric a whole new look. So I went out right away and bought the book and started to cut up my fabric.

No one told me before hand that the design spacing on the fabric was very important, and if the motif is too close then the pattern look will not change much. Well, you guessed it, my fabric was a close design, and the pattern didn't change much.  I made 100x6-sided hexagon blocks, and for more than two years they laid in a pile in a box on the shelf.  

When I was packing up to move to my new house, I decided to take it and when I get organized I will just sew it together and donate it to the church.
When I moved into my new house I put my quilting room in the east palace with a #4 mountain star. The #4 mountain star is good for among other things creativity. For the most part quilting is just sewing along with a pattern once the fabrics are chosen from the store.

Some quilt patterns just say make a certain number of blocks and sew them together. This is when you must have some creativity to muster. Placing which block next to which block. Each way makes a different look. Before moving into this space, everytime I would put the blocks up on the design board I would become frustrated with the design that I was building and would pulled it all down again.

A little while after moving into the new space, I pulled out the pieces again. Within 30 minutes I had a design on the board that I liked. A boarder design I seen in the pattern book inspired me to design a boarder that just sent the design flying. After all this, I now have to say this may be my most favourite quilt yet.

I have had more compliments on the design of this quilt than anything I have ever done. It was even well received by seasoned members of my quilting retreat who have seen many of these types of quilts. One seasoned quilter even said it was the best design she has ever seen.

I would like to take all the credit, but I believe it was also the inspiration of being in that space. This is the benefit of good Feng Shui. If you use the right energies for the right project, you will be given more clarity and focus. This is just one way using the principles of Feng Shui can help you have a more satisfying life.

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Until next time, wishing you the very vest of qi!

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