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A unique Real Estate Sales Representative and Feng Shui Master who since 2004 has been leveraging time honoured principles of Feng Shui to help her customers buy or sell real estate successfully in the Greater Toronto Area.
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  • Every home has a unique feel. In Feng Shui we call this feeling Qi (chee).
  •  Feng Shui practitioners have known about this energy for thousands of years, science is now catching up.

Neurobiologist Fred Gage, at the American Institute of Architects' 2003 convention, stated that "changes in the environment change the brain, and therefore they change our behavior."  To help architects understand this abstract concept they are often told this story:

 "Early in his career, when he was still struggling to find a cure for polio, Jonas Salk retreated to Umbria, Italy, to the 13th-century Franciscan monastery at the Basilica of Assisi. Salk would insist, for the rest of his life, that something about this place—the design and the environment in which he found himself—helped to clear his obstructed mind, inspiring the solution that led to his famous polio vaccine."

  • According to a 2004 poll by Lightspeed Research, an increasing percentage of Canadians believe that Feng Shui can improve their quality of life. Feng Shui appeals to many people because its principles translate to simple design solutions that help improve our lifestyles. These same principles indicate that environmental factors and the interaction of personal energies can have a significant influence on an individual's health and fortune.
  •  A recent study by SurveyMonkey, on The Effectiveness of Feng Shui among 1767 people revealed gave Feng Shui an 85% success rate.
    • 1519 persons (86%) said that Feng Shui had worked for them,
    •   248 persons (14%) were disappointed with the results.


By applying this ancient art of Feng Shui principes, Gayle will:

As a Realtor For the Seller - GETS TOP DOLLAR
Apply Feng Shui principles that takes home staging to a whole new level. By enhancing the best qi flow within your space.  This gives you and the buyer the best opportunties of the space.
For the Buyer

Conduct a "Feng Shui Inspection" to ensure that a new home is compatible with the buyer's energy and is in harmony with its environmental forms and the buyer's goals.
As an Educator Teach Feng Shui Certificate Courses and Classes, providing an in-depth understanding of this ancient art. All material is written by Master Joseph Yu, FSRC. All graduates are invited into the FSRC private Yahoo group for continued learning with members from all over the world.  
As a Consultant Work with businesses, individuals, builders and/or architects to maximize the positive opportunities in a space or working environment. Small changes can mean big advantages.  
As a Speaker

Present both formal and informal interactive discussions relating to Feng Shui principles, history and applications of this ancient art. NOTE: This service is FREE for charitable fund raising events.


Gayle Smith is a Feng Shui Master and authorized speaker and teacher for the Feng Shui Research Center since 2007.  Gayle holds diplomas in Legal Administration and Environmental Protection Technologies.


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